Robert Hirsch – Light and Lens. Photography in the Digital Age

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Cuprinsul cărţii:

  1. Why We Make Pictures: A Concise History of Visual Ideas
  2. Design: Visual Foundations
  3. Image Capture: Cameras, Lenses, and Scanners
  4. Exposure and Filters
  5. Seeing with Light
  6. Observation: Eyes Wide Open
  7. Time, Space, Imagination, and the Camera
  8. Digital Studio: Where the Virtual Meets the Material World
  9. Presentation and Preservation
  10. Seeing with a Camera
  11. Solutions: Thinking and Writing About Images
  12. Photographer on Assignment

Addendum I: Safety: Protecting Yourself and Your Digital Imaging Equipment

Addendum II: Careers



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  1. Yaz Okulu spune:

    does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

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