Critica foto

25 ianuarie 2009

Blog dedicat criticii foto, sub egida „Honest photo critiques designed to help people learn better photo skills”. De interes mai ales cadrul general al comentării unei imagini:

Each photograph submitted and accepted for critique will be reviewed with the following factors in mind.

a. What is the composition & content?
b. Does the image have pop or impact?
c. Does the image offer good technical quality?
d. How effectively was the photo post-processed?
e. What sort of aesthetics/artistry is found in the photo?
f. What sort of Interpretation/mood does the photo elicit?
g. Is the photo salable or publishable?


5 reguli pentru a face faţă criticilor

6 mai 2008

Cum să reacţionezi în faţa criticilor negative: scurt îndrumar.